Get the best African American Rhinoplasty in New York

As an African American citizen of New York City you have many options deciding where to get your ethnic nose job done. NYC is a huge place, so it can be a challenge to weed out the perfect black rhinoplasty specialist. One of the five most carried out cosmetic procedures, a plastic surgeon reworks the cartilage and bone of the nose to attain the client’s preferred shape. Ethnic rhinoplasty is not any different to getting a regular nose job. It pays, however, to find a specialist who has extensive experience working with the softer nasal contours of African Americans, as he will preserve the unique features.



Taking into account that the Big Apple is divided into five boroughs, and each borough has a number of nose reshaping surgeons to choose from, it is obvious your decision will be a difficult one. Do not panic though, we are here to help you. Here are three tips that will help you find the best rhinoplasty doctor for black people in New York City.


1. Candidacy

Before embarking on your African American rhinoplasty surgeon search, consider if you are a good candidate. The best candidates posess three characteristics:

  • they are generally in good health
  • they are aware of the risks the surgery imposes
  • they have realistic expectations about their ethnic nose job

Considering the three points above is the first and foremost step to take. Make sure all of these apply to you as well.


2. Specific Goals

Be very clear about what you want to attain with having a black nose job in New York. Some of the more detailed results of a procedure can be:

  • straightening out a bended nose
  • narrowing the so-called bridge of the nose
  • make the nostrils either broader or narrower
  • flatten or round the nose tip

It is important to share these preferred outcomes during an initial conversation with a specialist.


african american rhinoplasty



3. Initial Consultation

Speaking of which, the initial consultation with your African American rhinoplasty surgeon in New York will be the key moment in your decision making process. This often free consultation ties together the above points. The ethnic nose job specialist will ask you about your medical history, discuss the goals for the surgery, as to establish whether you are a good candidate. Pay particular interest to the rapport you establish between the two of you, as it is a good sign of trust and brings you into a relaxed state for discussing mostly personal details.

We hope the above tips will help you establish a baseline from which to work towards your ethnic nose surgery in NYC with confidence.